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How Environment could be different

Ghost fishing gear could be cleaned up in the oceans

Clean cookstoves could be used in developing countries

Microbeads and microplastics could be banned, limited, or disposed of differently

Sewage could be converted into potable water and electricity

Air conditioning could be set to a more comfortable level

Water could be available in an edible blob

Shampoo could be an eco-friendly, biodegradable ball

Water could be boxed instead of bottled

A 60 mile wide device could clean up litter in the oceans

Restaurants and cafes could produce little or no waste

Governments could end subsidies to deep sea fisheries

A tree "teepee" could save water and fertilizer

Cleaning products could be free from harmful chemicals

Bike lights could be unstealable and indestructible

People could have access to repair manuals and be able to fix things

Sewer systems could use real-time monitoring and control "smart valve" technology

Homes and buildings could be earth-sheltered

Polystyrene foam cups and containers could be banned and/or substituted

Windows could be gardens

Toothbrushes could be biodegradable

Goats, cows, and sheep could be lawnmowers

Geothermal heat pumps could provide heating and cooling for homes and buildings

Gifts could be wrapped with cloth

Shower curtains could not contain polyvinyl chloride

Extinct species could be brought back to life

Natural predators could be trained to hunt the lionfish

Mobile smog checks could detect high polluting vehicles

Herding livestock could prevent desertification

Electricity free algae street lamps could suck up CO2

People could use and have access to community solar farms or solar gardens

Mushrooms could be used in burials to alleviate the release of body toxins

Burials could be natural or green

Dry cleaners and people could use reusable dry cleaning bags

Clothing could be leased instead of bought

Toilets could be dual-flush

Sinks could have foot pedals

Fungi could be used for packaging, containers, and insulation

People could be rewarded for taking green actions

Roofs could be green and have vegetation

Rainwater harvesting could have multiple benefits

MIcro-enriched fertilizers could have benefits for plants, animals and humans

Paper could be produced with environmentally friendly bleach and recycled waste paper

Businesses could be certified as B Corporations and receive tax breaks

People could buy fish that is certified to be sustainable

Gestation crates in pig farming could be banned from use

People who like meat could be humaneitarians

Cities could offer curbside compost collection systems

Organic food waste could be used to create succinic acid

An app could be used to find water fountains rather than buying water

Clothes and shoes could have sustainability scores

Skyscraper farms could produce aeroponic and hydroponic crops

Robotic fish could lead fish away from biological disasters

A washing machine could wash clothes with very little water

Meat could be grown in a lab

The coca plant could be allowed to grow

Insects could be more widely eaten and cultivated

Fenugreek paper could keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer

The "green dot" system could be used to reduce waste

Ice cooling tanks could provide air conditioning

CO2 could be buried to reduce levels in the atmosphere

Windcatchers could create natural air conditioning

Clouds could be created to mirror and reflect the sun to cool the earth

Sulfur laden smoke from coal burning plants could be spewed into the stratosphere to cool the earth

A garden hose could release sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere to cool the earth

Recycling labels could be standardized to be easier to understand

Supermarkets could grow produce on their roofs