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How Government could be different

Social sector knowledge could be better collected and organized

Public policy clearinghouses could be easier to use and more comprehensive

Government agencies, schools, universities, and nonprofits could have online feedback platforms

All children could be registered at birth

Networks of schools implementing proven programs could lead to school reform

Different amounts of votes could be bought in elections

Small-dollar contributions could be based on how politicians vote

Small dollar funding could support political campaigns

Public agencies could be rewarded for cost savings

Community planning could involve games and crowdsourcing online

Governments could use accrual accounting in public budgeting

Public participation could be used in patent examination

Individuals and organizations could track, oppose, or endorse legislation online

Oil-to-cash programs could help to avoid the resource curse

Governments could share technology and apps to improve public services

Governments, scientists, and institutions could allow data to be available online

Cities, countries, and organizations could offer information hotlines, websites, and texting services

New societies could be established at sea

Low-cost random controlled trials could test government programs' effectiveness

Social impact bonds could fund public programs

A random sample of voters could decide elections