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How Healthcare could be different

Manufacturers of recalled drugs could be required to contact consumers

All incompatible kidney donors and recipients could be listed and matched through technology

A kidney transplant chain could increase the amount of kidney donations

Academic faculty could be required to disclose conflicts of interest in research and nonacademic work

Digital game design techniques could be used to engage people and motivate behavior

Texting could be used more for activism, healthcare, fundraising, marketing, or advocacy

People could have access to personal DNA tests

The sale of human organs could be legal

An opt-out system could encourage organ donations

A wristband could could improve handwashing rates among health workers

People could know the cost and quality of medical procedures before going to the doctor

Fee-for-service could be replaced by bundled payments

Assisted suicide could be legal

The birth control pill could be offered over-the-counter

A blood market could be developed to help meet demand