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How International Development could be different

Children in developing countries could be dewormed

Clean cookstoves could be used in developing countries

Public policy clearinghouses could be easier to use and more comprehensive

Think tanks could be strengthened in developing countries

Every location could have an address

All children could be registered at birth

Chickens could be used in international development

Medical costs for people in developing countries could be crowdfunded

Public benefits could be deposited directly into savings accounts

Shoes could grow

An iron fish could help alleviate anemia

Money could be printed for aid

A portable sleeping bag could be used for hypothermic infants

Banking could be mobile

U.S. food aid could be untied and not include monetization

A new global patent structure could modify the WTO TRIPS agreement

Oil-to-cash programs could help to avoid the resource curse

A credit scoring system could be developed for unbanked individuals to qualify for financing

Positive deviance could be used to produce beneficial behavioral change and outcomes

Progressive soap operas and other TV shows could be used to boost human rights and public health

B1G1 organizations could create more development

Microconsignment could be a way to distribute helpful products into the developing world

Clean water initiatives could be financed through carbon credits

MIcro-enriched fertilizers could have benefits for plants, animals and humans

Orphanages could be replaced by providing more support to families, adoption services, or good quality foster care

Portable solar lamps could be used instead of kerosene lamps

Microland ownership or securing land rights for the poor could lead to development and economic security

Cities, countries, and organizations could offer information hotlines, websites, and texting services

Developing countries could enact food stamp programs rather than ration systems

The WTO could have a parliamentary assembly

Microinsurance could be offered to citizens in developing countries

Banks could be easier to access at local shops

International migrant remittances could be easier to obtain

Identification systems could be built for citizens

Foreign aid could be given as stimulus checks to country's citizens